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Mission Statement

DE WOLF REALTY CO’s mission is to provide long-term value to our clients through:

  • The exercise of the utmost business loyalty to the interests of our clients and the diligent maintenance and management of our client’s assets.
  • Provide the highest level of accounting services that our Industry has to offer following generally accepted accounting standards.
  • Exert due diligence in the protection of our client’s funds and property against all reasonably foreseeable contingencies or losses.
  • Competently manage the property of our clients with due regard for the rights, responsibilities and benefits of the tenants.

The DE WOLF Style

  • At DE WOLF we take what we do very seriously, but don’t take ourselves very seriously.
  • We have a strong sense of QUALITY – quality in our functions and services, of course; but also quality in our working environment, in the people we work with, in the methods that we use to do our work and in the results.
  • Economy comes from high VALUES, not from low cost. Aesthetics are a part of quality. The effort to create quality extends to the communities in which we work and live as well.
  • The DE WOLF approach is INFORMAL and non-bureaucratic.
  • People are accessible at all levels
  • People also have FUN working at DE WOLF. There is laughing in the halls, as well as serious discussion. More than anything else, the organization is personable and approachable, but still dedicated to getting the job done.
  • With informality, however, there is also a sense of confidence. DE WOLF people feel like they are on the winning side. They feel successful, and they are. It is this sense of confidence that generates their positive attitude.
  • Also there is a sense of PRIDE at DE WOLF, professionalism is important. People are treated and act like professionals. DE WOLF people trust each other to do their jobs well and with the highest ethical standards. They take what they do very seriously. But DE WOLF people are professional without being stuffy. They take a straightforward, even simple, approach. They don’t take themselves too seriously.
  • Because the INDIVIDUAL is key at DE WOLF there is a real diversity in the view of what DE WOLF is. In fact, DE WOLF is many things to many people. The consistency comes in providing those diverse people with the opportunity to fulfill themselves and experience ACHIEVEMENT. The CREATIVITY, then, that emerges from the company comes from the many ideas of the individuals who are here. And that is the real strength of DE WOLF.